What you can Expect from Catalog Return Stores

If you are a shopper who is always in the market for a good bargain, then you don’t want to pass up the opportunities found at a catalog return store. These are the locations where merchandise individuals ordered from a catalog or even online these days and then returned for one reason or another.

Many people don’t want to shop from catalog return stores because they are afraid that they won’t get quality merchandise. After there has to be some reason why someone else didn’t want it right?

However, you will find the items they offer have nothing wrong with them they simply didn’t work well for the person who ordered them. Maybe it was the wrong color or the design didn’t fit in with their décor like they though it would. Clothing mainly gets to catalog return stores because it didn’t fit properly for that individual. Regardless of the reason why the item was returned, you can benefit from it.

You may find some products that have slight damage to them in a catalog return store. This could be the reason why the product was returned in the first place. If you are willing to fix the damage on your own or live with it, then you can get a really good bargain.

I once found a gorgeous dining room table and chair set at a catalog return store. It had a thick scratch across part of the table. While I couldn’t repair it, I was able to keep it hidden with a pretty lace runner and center piece. Doing this allowed me to get a high quality table and chair set for my dining room that I would never have been able to afford at the retail cost.

It is to your advantage to carefully look over any products you are considering purchasing from a catalog return store. This way you are fully aware of the damages to it. If you can’t find anything ask the sales clerk for more information on why they product was returned. Most catalog return stores will be glad to disclose such information to potential buyers.

The possibility of products you will find in any given catalog return store changes very often because of what consumers are buying. If you have a catalog return store in your area you should frequent it at least once a month. If there are particular items that you are looking for don’t be afraid to ask the manager if they can contact you should they get such items in the store.

Furniture, clothing, and home appliances are common items you will find in any catalog return store. I also find they always have a good supply of home decorating items including pictures, curtains, and bedding. Shopping at a catalog return store can be just as fun as shopping at any other retailer. I love knowing what ever I find will be mine for a very good price.

If you aren’t familiar with catalog return stores in your area, then you can use the internet to find out where they are located. After the holidays is a really good time to take a look at their inventory. Yet many people only visit them at this time of year and miss out on wonderful bargains they can take advantage of all year long.

What Bargains are to be found at an Auction?

You will find auctions that offer a variety of items you may be interested in. There are auctions for home furnishings, vehicles, art, and even animals including livestock. Many people are intimidated by the process that takes place at an auction so they shy away from them.

Yet this is a perfect opportunity for you to get some great items for a very low price. The biggest factor is that there will be plenty of other people there bidding on items too. It isn’t just you and one other person trying to negotiate the price.

The other downside of it is that your goal is to negotiate the price of anything lower so you get a great bargain. Meanwhile the auctioneer is continually raising the prices higher as long as he continues to have interested parties bidding on the item. Of course not everyone at an auction is going to be there to bid on the same items.

If possible, take a look at the items that will be offered at an auction ahead of time. Most of them offer flyers listing the best items they have to generate public interest in the auction. Try to show up at least one hour early so you can take an up close look at the various items that will be for sale. This way you can confidently bid on them when they reach the auction block.

It is important to remember that you are purchasing items at an auction as it is with no expressed or implied warranty. If you find an old desk you love and would like to refinish check it out before the auction starts. You don’t want to win it and find out it is actually made out of particle board instead of real wood.

Don’t let the fact that there are plenty of people around you discourage you from bidding on the items you really want. If you don’t win them try not to stress out about it. There are generally plenty of auctions taking place in any given location so you may find the item somewhere else.

Of the flip side of that coin, don’t feel pressured to keep bidding more for an item than you really want to because someone else is bidding on it and you don’t want to be the loser in front of everyone else in attendance. Too many people worry about this situation at an auction, but it is nothing to take personally or become embarrassed by.

While you are taking a close look at the various items you may want to bid on, come up with a maximum price you are willing to pay and then stick to it. If the opening bid for the item is more than you were willing to pay for it then pass the item over entirely.

Even if you don’t walk away with anything, going to an auction is a very fun even it itself. There are real estate auctions, estate auctions, and those that offer a variety of other items. It is fun to attend and observe how the entire process works. This way you know the proper procedures when you are ready to make a bid. It is also a great place to network and meet lots of very interesting people.

Tips to help you save Money at the Grocery Store

Providing nutrition meals for your family is important, but the cost of the groceries it takes to prepare them can certainly affect what you are able to do. To help offset the cost of preparing meals, you need to plan well for it. Too many items we use to make meals end up going in the trash. If you only need ½ a head of lettuce then plan another meal to use the rest of it so it doesn’t end up in the trash.

While it does take longer to prepare home cooked meals, it is less expensive than buying frozen products that offer you more convenience. They will generally run you twice as much as the ingredients you need to prepare the foods yourself. If time is an issue, consider using one day a week to prepare various meals that you can freeze for later in the week.

It is understandable that everyone wants to cook with the ingredients that will make foods taste the best they can. Yet most of us purchase items at the grocery store based on a name brand we are familiar with. Have you ever stopped to compare the price with store brand? If not, you really need to as you will be shocked at the price difference. Yet in most cases the store brand of a given item is every bit as good as the name brands.

A couple good examples of this include cereals and sodas. Name brand boxes of cereal can cost you around $4 per box. When you purchase the store brands that come in plastic bags instead of the boxes you will find you get twice as much cereal for less than ½ of the cost. I pour those larger bags into airtight storage containers so they stay fresh.

Popular soda like Pepsi and Coke cost over $2.50 for a six pack. You can purchase the store brand Cola for about $2.50 per case. Yet they taste every bit as good as those name brand sodas we often associate with. I guess mentally we think that the higher price means better quality but that isn’t always the case.

Many people like to cook with various herbs but the cost of them can really add up. Since they aren’t necessary it is a common area where people choose to eliminate from their shopping list. For very little money you can grow your own herbs in your yard or even in a small kit that sits on your kitchen window. It can be a fun process to do with your children and you will have the different herbs you want to cook with but not the expense associated with them.

You can also grow your own vegetables in a small garden area of your yard. It doesn’t cost very much to purchase the seeds. You may even find tending to your garden offers you a place to relax and reduce your stress levels. My family eats lots of strawberries but they are one of the most expensive fruits at the grocery store. We now grow our own so we can enjoy these delicious berries all we want when they are in season.

If you decide to purchase fresh vegetables or fruits from a grocery store, get those that you have to chop up on your own. While purchasing those that have already been sliced for you is more convenient they will cost you more for the same product.

Meat is one of the most expensive items you will find in a grocery store. Unless you live with a family of vegetarians, you will have to pay the price they are asking for it. Look at the per pound cost of meat before you purchase it. You will find the larger packages offer you a lower price per pound. Buying these larger portions and then separating them into the right sizes for your meals once you get home is an excellent way to lower the amount of money you spend on the meat your family eats.